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What is biblical counseling and how can it change your life?

There are many challenges and problems in today’s complex society. That is why we believe that God’s Word, the Bible, is so important. Whether you are struggling with your marriage, a parenting concern, being a single parent, anxiety, depression, addiction, anger—or whatever your struggle may be—the Bible has answers for you.


We provide biblical counseling to those seeking God’s answers to the questions and problems in their lives. After reviewing the following list of questions, please contact us if you would like to schedule a counseling session.


What hope is there for improvement?

There are answers for dealing with whatever you might be facing. God’s Word was given to us by Him for this very purpose. We believe that God has given us all we need to know Him and to live in a way that is pleasing to Him. All our difficulties may not evaporate; however, when you and I willingly submit to God’s instruction and cling to His promises there is hope and help.


What can you expect from us?

You will receive answers for life from God’s Word, be encouraged as you grow, and be exhorted to think and live in a way that pleases Jesus Christ. You can expect that everything will be held in strict confidence except where, in the counselor’s judgment, there is a biblical requirement to involve others (e.g. criminal activity). You can expect that our staff will care for you and treat you with respect. 

Are the counselors qualified and when will counseling be available?

All of our counselors, whether they are pastors or laypersons, go through a rigorous training program in biblical counseling through the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC), an organization known for its pursuit of excellence in biblical counseling. At this time, our counseling is offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays by appointment.

What will we expect from you?

We ask that you be willing to learn and apply God’s way of handling problems. We ask that you attend each session and do all the assigned homework. These are instrumental to lasting change. We ask that you give us some time to help you. Your present habits were not developed overnight and new habits will take several weeks to develop.


What is the cost of biblical counseling?

Our counseling is free of charge; however, when you arrive for your first counseling session you will submit a $50 cancellation fee. As long as you attend (or properly cancel/re-schedule) all sessions, your fee will be returned at the end of our meetings. There is also a suggested donation of $25 to help cover the cost of materials you will be given during your time of counseling.

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